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Organizational Assessment

One of the best places organizations can start in creating a resiliency program for staff is to take the organizational assessment. You can assess how secondary traumatic stress (STS) informed your agency is by administering the Secondary Traumatic Stress-Informed Organizational Assessment (STSI-OA). The STSI-OA is an assessment tool that can be used to evaluate the degree to which their organization is STS-informed and able to respond to the impact of secondary traumatic stress in the workplace. The STSI-OA identifies specific areas of strength and opportunities to implement STS-informed policies and practices. The results of this tool can be used as a roadmap for future training and implementation activities in the area of STS and trauma-informed care. Agencies should ask their staff (from all departments) to take this assessment on a yearly basis to see where they have grown over the year and areas for future goals.

The Building Resiliency Program will collect the responses and send you an organizational report for your agency:

Send the link below to all staff to have them complete the free assessment.