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Complete the form below to apply for organizational membership, or to receive more information and set up a consult prior to committing.

cost & commitment

The annual membership fee is based on the number of employees of your specific department, team, or agency. Annual contracts are developed based on member needs and timelines.

Full Membership

Access to RST Program, Organizational Resources, and Training & Professional Development

$2,500: 1-10 Employees

$5,000: 11-20 Employees

$7,500: 21-30 Employees

$10,000: 31-50 Employees

$15,000: 50-100 Employees

Negotiated Contract: 100+ Employees

Cost per year, billed annually or quarterly

Limited Membership

Access to Monthly Newsletters, Additional Resources and Customizable Organizational Resources

$300 per year

(RST Program, Training & Professional Development not included)

Customized Contract

Set monthly budget based on covered employees, and pay only when staff uses the program

Contact us to discuss your organization’s budget and how we can best serve your employees

Budget-based, billed monthly

Questions about the Building Resiliency Membership?