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The Building Resiliency Together Project represents organizations serving victims in the region courageously seeking innovative solutions to address the impact of trauma and secondary trauma, empathic strain, and burnout in their organizations and teams.

Organizations Serving Victims include law enforcement, crisis centers, medical professionals, social service providers, advocates, and mental health professionals.

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membership features

RST Program

  • Trauma-Informed Specialized Employee Assistance Program specifically for Victim Service Providers in the region
  • Addresses the Impact of High-Stress and Trauma-Exposed Fields
  • Designated Providers with Expertise in Trauma and Secondary Traumatic Stress
  • Areas of Focus may include:
    • Building resilience for working in trauma-exposed fields
    • Low-impact debriefing,
    • Secondary traumatic stress support
    • Evidence-based therapy for the impact of trauma and secondary trauma

Organizational Resources

  • Access to Member-only Webpage, Skill Videos, and Resources on STS & Building Resilience
  • Monthly Resource Emails
  • Onboarding Resources
  • Annual Project Report

Training & Professional Development

  • Live Trainings on topics related to STS & Building Resilience
  • Quarterly Membership Connection for leaders

Why is this important?

Exposure to trauma is part of everyday life for those working in organizations serving victims

Organizations serving victims need to invest in the well-being of employees and have policies and procedures that guard against secondary trauma and build resiliency

Organizations have a responsibility to staff to provide support and protection, like providing psychological PPE for employees that are at risk daily

Benefits of Membership Subscription

  • Easy to plan and budget for the yearly cost
  • Simplified billing with one annual bill
  • The trauma-informed specialized employee assistance program
  • Promotes a trauma-informed and secondary trauma-informed organizational culture
  • Access to innovative resources
  • An investment that pays off over time and reduces the cost of burnout
    • Supports workplace wellness
    • Reduces occupational stress
    • Improves employee morale
    • Enhances team performance
    • Improves retention

cost & commitment

The annual membership fee is based on the number of employees of your specific department, team, or agency. Annual contracts are developed based on member needs and timelines.

Full Membership

Access to RST Program, Organizational Resources and Training & Professional Development

$2,500: 1-10 Employees

$5,000: 11-20 Employees

$7,500: 21-30 Employees

$10,000: 31-50 Employees

$15,000: 50-100 Employees

Negotiated Contract: 100+ Employees

Cost per year, billed annually or quarterly

Limited Membership

Access to Monthly Newsletters, Additional Resources and Customizable Organizational Resources

$300 per year

(RST Program, Training & Professional Development not included)

Customized Contract

Set monthly budget based on covered employees, and pay only when staff uses the program

Contact us to discuss your organization’s budget and how we can best serve your employees

Budget-based, billed monthly

For more details or questions about the Building Resiliency Membership:

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Membership Resources

Access to exclusive resources for current members.

Resiliency Support Therapy Program

Information about RST and Compassion Fatigue 101